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Budding Buddies

We have hoped for some time that Carver and Hakan would find some common interests and become good friends. Of course, as soon as Hakan joined the family, he and Carver started out with very different aims; Hakan was just trying to figure out what the heck was going on, and Carver was coming to grips with losing a good chunk of his parents’ attention to a little fussball. We figured it would take a while before they got to actually liking each other. 

Fortunately, it seems that the much awaited day has finally arrived. They’ve been playing together more and more in the last little while. One of their favorite games is to set up their chairs to face each other, and then play some bizarre game where they sort of kick each other’s feet. At least they are gentle, for now. We also found just yesterday that when Carver gets on his knees and says, “hug,” Hakan will run right up and wrap his arms around his brother. Sadly, the same method does nothing for Kira, Avey, or me. 

These guys are sure to become partners in crime very soon. We can’t help but wonder what kind of mischief they will get into once Baby #4 is old enough to mimic them.

We are excited and overwhelmed by the thought of having another child join us. There is a lot of work and planning to do before we’ll feel ready. It’s funny, because just in the last few months when we’ve been out in the city or wherever, I have caught myself feeling like we were missing one of the kids, until I count them and realize they’re all there. Now I’m a little worried that I’ll forget one or two when we are out and about.

Luckily, Hakan reminds us what we have to look forward to. He is in a wonderfully adorable stage now where he often tries to repeat the last word of our sentence, but with more excitement. We’ve tried to catch him on camera saying his siblings’ names, but to no avail. When he says Avey’s name, he lights up like a firework, and says through an enormous grin, “Aybee.” I asked him today to say “lion,” and he just roared. Carver asked him to say “cow,” and he responded with a “moo.” Such a stud.

We are mostly feeling like this next one will be a girl, but that’s probably mostly due to our need for symmetry. We would also enjoy all of the sound effects that would accompany another boy. We’ll know for sure around Christmas, so stay tuned!

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