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Calling Fourth

Deep in the innermost shadows of their ultra-secret lair in the suburbs somewhere in Illinois, the Terrific Trio were in the middle of a heated debate. Their battles over the last several weeks had made them weary, and tested their resolve. Caped Carver spoke first. He was the bravest, and most combustible of the three.

“Darn it! I hate these stupid bad guys!”

Agile Avey, the brains of the group, said, “Quiet, Carv. We mustn’t lose our heads. Bad guys can be defeated. We just need to know how.”

Hurricane Hakan, unofficially recognized as the loudest of the group, echoed with delight and much volume, “HOW!”

Avey recalled, “It’s a daunting task. There are simply too many of them for us. I use my deadly reading skills against them, but I can speak only so loud before I am drowned out by Hakan’s shouting. There, I said it.”

Hakan, smiling at hearing his name, replied, “Haaaayyyke…”

Carver, thirsting for battle, added, “Yeah! And even though I am the best fighter in the whole world, I still need to take a break sometimes to eat a snack and watch some shows. I get boring [sic] of just fighting the whole day!”

The heroes had realized their plight. They were fighting an uphill battle against all of the imaginary bad guys that seemed to pour out of nowhere. All appeared hopeless…until,

“Wait!” Avey said. “I’ve got it!”

Carver, with his finger in his nose, stared into space for a moment (because he had skipped a nap that day), and then said, “What do you got, sis’?”

Avey looked behind her shoulder for a moment to be sure their plans were not overheard by any intruders. She turned back with a sneaky look on her adorable face.

“We are outnumbered against the bad guys, right?”

Carver nodded in agreement, although he did not quite understand the word “outnumbered.” He had learned through trial-and-error to just go along with whatever Avey said. Hakan, with the attention span of a newborn puppy, was already digging around in some drawers he located.

Avey continued, “So then we have two choices. We can either be defeated – if not now, then in a few weeks – or we can do something bold.”

Carver stared blankly, needing a nap so desperately that he struggled to remember what they were talking about. He also needed to use the potty, but as a rule, refused to acknowledge that fact until it was almost too late.

Hakan, whose hands were soaked from the free-flowing drool (his super power), was getting frustrated that they kept slipping off of the drawer handles. Avey ignored his whines of frustration. She was determined.

After her attempt to guide Carver to the same conclusion had failed, she made it for him. “So…we need another hero.”

Carver smiled. “Oh yeah! That’s a good idea! We’ll get another superhero to be our friend!”

A loud, but indiscernible vote of approval came from Hakan, who had now gotten one hand stuck in the drawer while trying to retrieve a button from within.

Avey ignored her brothers as they struggled to keep up with her plan. She was already light years ahead. A “friend” was not enough, as they could never exercise the level of trust required within the Trio with a mere friend. They needed something far closer. They needed, a sibling.

Mild-mannered parents, Eli and Kira, were just the sort to help out. They immediately began drawing up names and costumes for the new superhero. Before long, the Terrific Trio would become the Freaking-Awesome Four.

Training of the fourth member has commenced, and (s)he should be ready for battle in late April or early May. Watch the skies…

#Happenings #Humor

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