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Calling the Kettle "Black"

In one of Avey’s and Carver’s most recent scuffles, there was apparently some shoving or even hitting involved. Naturally, the customary accusations then followed. However, this time it was particularly enlightening. Carver said to Avey, “You hit me!” to which Avey firmly replied, “I did not!” During these battles of the titans, little can be done except to try to cool things down, but fortunately Carver unintentionally did this for us. He shot Avey a look and said, “You’re just like me – you say you didn’t do something, but you really did!”

It was not very surprising to learn we have a three-year-old who fibs, but it was pretty funny that he expects Avey’s behavior to be so much better than his own. 

This week was fairly trying compared to others. It was busy, with Kira away at various events some of the evenings, and we must have been spoiled with our sleep because the few interruptions we had in the last few days seemed to take a real toll. This morning, Carver awoke about 3:30, an especially early time for him. Fortunately, after some coaxing he did agree to lay back down, and then slept until after 6 – an unusual treat.

We’ve had another round of health issues too. My elbow’s swelling had diminished almost to the point of forgetting about it, but has flared back up this week. It’s the strangest thing. Far worse is that Avey reported feeling strange around a late lunch, and then quickly descended into some illness. She turned down dinner last night and breakfast this morning, spending most of the last 24 hours lying down. We’re keeping a close watch on it to see if it gets any worse. We just hope that nobody else catches it.

On a hopeful note, this is my last week before spring break! I hope to get a little ahead of my many work-related tasks, but I also need to help relieve some of the stresses around the house because I will be flying to a conference halfway through the break. What would really help is another spring break the week after spring break.

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