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With a nutrition-conscious mother like Kira, our children are bound to learn a thing or two about food. Carver, for example, had a lesson earlier this week that was hard to swallow. The kids were eating one of their very favorite meals of macaroni and cheese (thanks to Dad), and Kira was mentioning that she did not think it necessary for them to finish all of the noodles, as they are only carbohydrates. She referred to them as a “carb,” as many people do. Avey, ever the curious one, inquired as to what a carb is, to which Kira replied that it is a “bread thing.” 

Carver, to whom we sometimes refer as “Carv” for short, took great offense at this name-calling. “No! I am not a bread thing!” he responded. We all chuckled at his misunderstanding, and tried to explain again. “No, Carver, we are talking about a carb – not carv.” This explanation was clearly unacceptable, as Carver expressed with his frown and furrowed brow. He explained his frustration slower this time, each word accented and separated from the next, “No! I! AM! NOT! A! BREAD! THING!”

What can one do at that point but acknowledge one’s mistake, apologize, and change the subject? 

That boy has been particularly entertaining lately. One of his most favorite games of late is to shout “Fire!” and point his fingers at someone and make the sound effect “Pkew!” as if to shoot some sort of imagined projectile. Apparently the game is to see who can come up with the most elaborate and exaggerated death scene.

Avey finished up her Summer Violin Camp, and now we are worried that she’ll be bored out of her mind for the rest of the break. Hakan had two excellent nights this week, and a couple of terrible ones. At least he keeps us on our toes. He is growing each day, and we can see even more of a person in his gaze with every passing hour. In no time he’ll be shooting his older brother right back with a “Pkew!”

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