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It’s interesting how people tend to be defined in a large way by their choice of career. When meeting somebody for the first time, for example, one of the first question is usually, “What do you do for a living?” And then whatever answer is given usually is followed by a whole lot of assumptions about income level, education & intelligence, personality type, etc. We all have stereotypes about what kind of person a plumber is vs. a pro golfer, vs. a mechanic, and so on.

Kira and I often get interesting reactions when people find out that she’s a therapist and I’m studying to become a psychologist. Some people start spilling their guts to us, beginning with their childhood. Some people start asking us what’s wrong with their cousin or brother-in-law. And then some people end the conversation abruptly and walk away.

I think a lot of people worry about Avey because of our chosen professions. This image comes to mind of the three of us around the dinner table, analyzing Avey’s most recent crayon-on-paper drawing for signs of neuroses. The funny thing is, I think it’s probably the other way around; I think Avey does a lot more psychological analyses of us, and I’m worried what she’s concluding.

So when I try to imagine what Avey will be when she grows up, I sometimes worry that she is doomed to be one of us. Not that it’s a bad field, I’ve just seen what it does to people. And it’s not so much that she would follow in our footsteps, but that she would naturally seek out answers to why her parents acted this way.

I can imagine her following a lot of other career paths though. Some I can see so far are:

  1. Singer (for obvious reasons)

  2. Dancer (for obvious reasons)

  3. Veterinarian (because she loves all things living)

  4. Stand-up comedian (we could probably sell tickets now)

  5. Cartoon voice (for obvious reasons)

  6. Musician

  7. Lawyer (she can convince anyone of anything)

  8. Politician (she talks a lot without saying much)

  9. Acrobat (she loves to spin and tumble)

  10. Park ranger (loves the outdoors)

  11. Dietitian (she knows how to refuse food)

  12. Kindergarten teacher (she’s just got that vibe)

  13. Actor (drama queen!)

Oh, the possibilities!


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