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Carver Turns Five

The biggest news of the week is that Carver celebrated the fourth anniversary of his birth with us. He was so excited to turn five. We started the celebration by taking the oldest two children to see the new Lego Batman movie. Hakan wanted to go, but it was during his nap time, and we have learned through previous experiences that he typically gets bored halfway through movies at the theater and decides to go exploring instead. The older kids and I loved it, though, and now they can’t wait to see the Ninjago movie at Avey’s birthday. 

We also went out to lunch at Carver’s favorite restaurant, where he could get pancakes in the middle of the day. It was then home to open presents and gorge on cake and ice cream. Easily the most popular gift in the first 24 hours is a specifically requested toy that makes tooting sounds (demonstration). All the siblings have been awaiting turns with it. He very much appreciates all of the cards and gifts through the mail as well, they just aren’t quite as hilarious, apparently. 

It is hard to cope with the fact that we’ll never get to spend any more time with the 4-year-old Carver again, but we are excited to see what the future holds for the 5-year-old, including Kindergarten in the fall. 

Otherwise, we’ve been busy with everything else going on. Merritt had some very good nights sleeping this week, going 6-hour stretches and such. He kept us humble last night, though, getting up about every 2 hours. He is walking along walls now like nobody’s business, and this morning took a single step unsupported. He impressed me this morning when Carver cried out in pain after colliding with a toy or something. Merritt crawled over just as quickly as his little limbs would move, and then seemed to try to give Carver a hug to help him feel better. 

Hakan is turning into a night owl. He stays up after Carver goes to bed because he actually naps, but then where he used to willingly go to bed around 7 or 8, now he insists that he is too busy playing. It takes a lot of coaxing and then 4 or 5 steps to complete the bedtime ritual. 

He’s also maintained his same uniform for close to 2 weeks now. He was immensely happy after Kira washed his standard shirt, and put it right back on:

He impresses all the strangers when we are out and about.

Kira has another client scheduled, and got her first pay check today! She somehow scrapes by on a few hours of sleep at a time, with occasional loss of consciousness as she nurses the youngest man-child.

I am on spring break this week, but will be filling most of my break with work, trying to get ahead of things, get prepared for an upcoming conference presentation, and trying to get some projects off of my list.

And the adventure continues…


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