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A couple of weeks ago, Carver was having a grand time pretending to be a superhero or some kind of warrior. He sought out worthy foes, and happened upon his 8-months-pregnant mother. He began kicking when Kira stopped him. “Carver, you can’t kick me in the stomach,” she explained. Carver was puzzled, saying, “But Merritt does it all the time!” How does one combat the logic of a 4-year-old?

Just yesterday, I was again struggling to get Carver to eat. I resorted to a game where his fork talks like Captain Hook, whom Carver terrorizes by eating off his “hat” every minute or so. Avey decided to get into the game too. She taunted Captain Hook by saying, “Hey, do you want a sandwich?” No one could refuse such an offer, and Captain Hook graciously accepted. He was met with disappointment and pain, however, when Avey revealed her hidden agenda. “How about a knuckle sandwich?” She then popped the poor evil captain square in the imaginary nose. Carver caught on to the game, or so he thought. “Captain Hook,” he began with a sneaky tone. “How about a peanut butter and jam sandwich?” He then proceeded to punch the little fork representation of the mean old pirate.

We went through a bit of a scare on Thursday as Kira had some sharp pain. She said that it was not a contraction, but it was still painful enough and in a worrisome place that I came home early and took the boys on an outing so that she could lie down and rest. After some consultation with a nurse, and some good rest, she’s back to where she was, but it was still a huge reminder of all that we still have to prepare before Merritt comes. 

We will keep you posted.


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