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As the second of six children, I had several years around babies while I was growing up. One tradition my mother carried on through each of my siblings was acting as the infant’s voice. Thanks to my mother’s quick wit, this made for hours of entertainment. 

I’ve attempted to keep the tradition going with our children. What’s been most interesting to me is learning more about how Avey views the world. For example, just this morning Avey was telling Carver all about how she will teach him everything she knows. “They” got talking about how we learn, through school and such, and Avey told Carver that I still go to school because I never finished. I laughed and probed a bit to find out what she meant. We then had a moment explaining that I’m doing more school than most people, and I tried to come up with some explanation as to why (I ask myself that same question every morning).

Carver’s been interacting more every day – usually in good ways. We’re excited and terrified to make a trip home to Colorado with the kiddies in a few weeks, and I am close to finishing the semester! Sometimes I feel like our lives are a reality show, but with fewer sponsors and fans. We love the ones we’ve got though!

#Happenings #LittleGems

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