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Cause and Effect

Carver was initially disinterested in Hakan, but as Hakan grows and gets more interesting, Carver has paid him more attention. He shared with me one of his observations earlier this week. He was talking about things that Hakan does and said, “He is just my brother. But when you step on him, he cries.” That is certainly true, and it’s a good thing that Carver understands that. 

Carver has slowly been departing from his normal napping regimen. Some days he’ll nap, and some he won’t. On the days that he does not, he is a bit of a coin flip. On one side, he has a short fuse, and is cranky and mopey. On the other side, he is full of energy and charisma, as if he would collapse should he stop moving and talking. We caught him in such a state last week: 

He went on like that for about 30 minutes, and probably would have kept going if we didn’t have to get going.

Kira is feeling much better, though not yet completely back to normal. Her cough persists, but her energy is creeping back. Hakan is partially to thank, because he has been sleeping like a champ, even with his runny nose. Last night, for example, he was out until 5 in the morning!

We’ll get this illness licked before too much longer. Hope it doesn’t catch any of you!


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