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Celebrating Carver

Tomorrow marks the first anniversary of Carver’s birth. The days have flown by since the little guy joined our family. Even with the lack of sleep and occasional bad smells the child emits, he has added immeasurable joy to our lives.

The love in our home multiplied with his arrival; we love Avey no less, and now have another soul to embrace. I truly believe there is no greater joy a parent can have than to introduce the wonders of this world to a child – to share in the novelty of everything that we have come to take for granted and consider commonplace. Carver, with his pleasant disposition and curious nature, has given us ample opportunity to remember the fun and comfort that lie in the simplest of interactions. Whether he is cuddling up with us for warmth and peace, or whether he is giggling at some silly noise, his presence nearly always enriches our lives and perspective.

Carver’s birth has also allowed us to see Avey with renewed awe. During the challenges that come with a new sibling, Avey has shown remarkable patience, but also sincere charity and maturity. While at times our little home does not seem to be big enough for the both of them, we are constantly impressed with her concern for Carver’s well-being, and the fun they have with each other. Nothing makes us happier than to see our children playing together: Carver giggling at something silly that Avey does, and Avey giggling at the sound of Carver’s joy.

We love our children. It is difficult to be reminded how quickly time slips by, but we are so glad to have time with them at all. In just a few years, we will want to trade anything for just a few minutes with them as they are now. Tomorrow begins another rush to soak up as much time with them as possible before the next birthday.

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