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I’ve heard those stories about kids who have a favorite outfit that they wear as often as they can, to strange places, sometimes refusing to take it off to launder or bathe, etc., but we’ve never had that experience in our home…until now. Carver inherited a large box of clothes from his cousins, and one of the treasures contained therein was a Batman® costume. Fuel and fire finally met.

Upon first sight, Carver insisted that he try it on. After a few hours, it was bedtime and we suggested that he replace the costume with some pajamas. He would have none of it, so we finally convinced him to put on a shirt underneath the costume for warmth (the back is wide open). It’s been rare to catch him in anything else for the past couple of days. He even wore it to a little performance Avey was doing at her school to promote heart health. Naturally, everyone thought he was adorable, thus only reinforcing his perception of being freaking awesome with the costume on.

It brings back fond memories of my brothers and me running around in similar superhero costumes that my mother had made (those actually had capes). We spent countless hours pretending to fight bad guys and rescue citizens. The irony in all of this is that Carver has never seen a Batman® show, and really has no idea who he is. Carver puts on the mask, gives me a sinister look, and says “I’m a vampire!” 

Fortunately, Carver graciously allowed us to dress him in a shirt and tie for church today, but he made us hang his costume in a prominent place until he can get back to it.


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