• Elijah Ricks


As Halloween approaches, we attended a Trunk or Treat event earlier in the week.

Avey had planned for months to go as the Easter Bunny. She had a boomerang because she had based her costume on the character from the movie, Rise of the Guardians.

Carver went as the scariest thing he could think of – a German with a bouncy ball. I suppose he has not watched much television. We had an authentic costume almost his size, with the lederhosen and everything. We figured it was appropriate, because if anyone on the planet has Wanderlust, it’s this boy.

I parted from my usual, uncomfortable nerd costume from years past, and whipped out my mechanic shirt, and Kira went as a fancy, possibly French, painter.

Carver must have really gotten into the dress-up game, because as Kira and I spent Saturday sorting through clothes, Carver slowly insisted upon this ensemble:

I tried the hat on him for winter, and he wouldn’t let us take it off for the rest of the day. He had discovered Avey’s necklaces, but she didn’t dare share with him. Instead, she allowed him to wear this pink disco ball on a string, which he proudly displayed. The shoes are at least 2 sizes too big for him, but he found them as I was boxing up boy clothes and insisted that we let him try them on. He flopped around the house for several minutes, looking like a White rapper. I think the pacifier complements the image.


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