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Christmas Demon

This was my final week of classes, so I have been feeling pretty good with only some grading left to do. I took off part of Friday to finish up some Christmas shopping and to get the kids out of the house. My idea was to have the kids shop for each other in the Christmas spirit, but that quickly imploded at the sight of toys. 

Avey had already been thinking about what to get for her brothers, so she got her stuff done quickly. Hakan is a little too young to follow the logic behind it – buy a toy for someone else? – so I had high hopes for Carver. He, however, disappointed also, as he was far too tired to think about getting anything for anyone other than himself. 

Maybe in another year or two…

The other big news of the week is that Hakan is possessed by some demon. At least, that’s our best explanation for what has been going on. He is more oppositional than any child who’s been through this age. I don’t mean just of our kids either, but of the entire human race. He purposefully resisted us for nap and bed time yesterday, screaming like a banshee so that the whole neighborhood could hear. He becomes furious if we make a single move that accomplishes anything he could do himself, and so we have to undo it and start all over again. This could be zipping up his coat, buckling his seat belt, opening the fridge, and a million other things. We are now constantly on edge for fear that we will set off his hair trigger. On top of it all, he has been wailing on Carver for no apparent reason. If he gets the idea, he will just chuck whatever he can find at Carver, even when Carver is minding his own business. He will run him down and then just start punching him sometimes too. Carver, thankfully, has been very patient and almost never reacts in kind, but his charity is wearing thin.

We keep thinking that Hakan has molars trying to surface, so that’s the reason he’s been acting so grumpy. But when he insists that his mouth does not hurt, I start to wonder what’s gotten into him.

Luckily, he was more than willing to take his nap this morning, so maybe he’s exorcising whatever is causing the problem, but I’m still on high alert after the horrors I’ve seen.

There was a lot of snow overnight, so the kids went out and got covered in it first thing this morning. We hope the roads are okay for our upcoming trip!


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