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Christmas Wrath

Our drive to Colorado was uneventful as usual. We had a delightful few days finishing preparations for Christmas, and then the awaited day arrived. After a well-timed snow storm, Carver was fortunate enough to have his very first Christmas also be white.

As expected, Carver studied the events curiously, and found the wrapping paper to be the most enjoyable part of the day. Avey was thrilled with her spoils, and Kira and I were delighted at all of the thought and hard work put into her gifts.

All was well with us at Christmas this year. Or so we thought…

My mother had been recovering from a stomach bug when all of my siblings arrived from out-of-town, and my sister was smitten with it on Christmas Day. Unbeknownst to three more of us (including me), the illness was hard at work within us as well. Two of my brothers and I were up later that night, ridding our digestive systems of all they contained, one way or another, and spent the rest of the 26th wondering if there really were any peace on earth.

Even now, we are not quite fully recovered. Luckily, Kira and the children were spared from the agony.

At least I got something now while I’m on vacation, rather than during finals or the car ride.


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