• Elijah Ricks

Circadian Chaos

Our home has been plagued with consciousness for far too long. For example, this morning Carver woke at 4:15, and insisted I suffer with him. Most days lately, he’s up before 6. Kira and I take turns joining him, but do not always get a nap to help us recover. We drag through most days drained of energy. 

We’ve tried what measures seem reasonable. We’ve tried reducing his number of naps, moving up his bed time, pushing back his bed time, voodoo, explaining to him how sleep is good for all of us, and even making getting up relatively boring. So far we’ve had little success. Short of drugs or some sort of brain surgery, we may have exhausted our options. We keep thinking it is some phase, or maybe there’s a last tooth coming in – that there’s some end in sight.

Avey has helped very little. Since beginning school, we need to have her up at 6:20 to make it on time. To be her normal self, she needs to be asleep around 8, but most nights she’ll manage to keep herself awake until 9 or so. One might think we could let her sleep in on the weekends, but she invariably has herself up by 6 when she doesn’t need to be!

The end result is groggy parents, a cranky girl, and Carver on adrenaline. It can’t get much worse, so we are hanging on for now.



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