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Climbing Ladders

We gained a niece last week, and Kira took the opportunity to hitch a ride out to Utah to visit her siblings for a few days. Ergo, I have no pictures to post this week, no little anecdotes, and all that has really happened around the house is a lot of movie watching, some cleaning, and consuming junk food. I am again reminded why I need a family.

My loneliness also means that this is going to be a post about me. That’s right, no one will know or blame you if you leave this page right now.

I actually do have some pretty big news of late. I have been promoted at work! I hired on a little below my qualification level, because at the time that was all they had open. But a couple months ago they opened up a higher position, so I applied and got the job! I’ll still stay at my current facility, work with my same coworkers, but my uniform will change, I will have different duties, and a pretty hefty pay raise. The odd thing is, the promotion became official January 1st, so as far as payroll and HR are concerned, I moved up the ladder, but on the facility they are still so short-handed on staff that they can’t afford to have me stop what I’m currently doing. What that boils down to is that I am getting paid more for doing my same job so far. Hey, it’s fine with me. I’ll just wait for the word to start doing different things.

That’s it for me. I hope to have some photos or video to post next week.


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