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Climbing Up The Walls

[Yes, that’s a Radiohead reference.]

Merritt has been all over the place since he realized that his limbs were useful for something other than swatting away food and chewing on. He seems to care less about crawling and more about getting to things that he can use to climb. He has gotten to the most precarious positions, but he loves to do it. 

Merritt had his first haircut yesterday. It was nothing dramatic: just trimming around the ears so that his wisps of fuzz did not bother him too much. He did not cooperate very much, as we expected, so it’s not terribly even, but who pays attention to his hairline when he’s so adorable?

Avey had a good week back at school. She still dislikes homework, but it is nice to see friends. Her teacher is expecting a baby in the next few weeks, so she’ll have a substitute for the rest of the year (probably). That will be a bit of a transition, but Avey can be adaptable when she tries.

Yesterday, among our other busy activities, I offered to take the older three kids to Goodwill. They gathered a few things to donate along with some things Kira had gathered, and we took off. They had some Christmas money to blow through, and they like going through the treasures at Goodwill. Avey came across a backpack she liked, and it was $3. She had a fine backpack, but it was her money, so I figured it was up to her how to spend it. She bought it, and as she was going through it in the car she found a small pocket with $7 in it! Now that’s a bargain!

We’ve all been slowly recovering from our illnesses from Christmas. Carver still has it the worst with a stuffy nose and sore throat, but it’s usually an issue only at night. We were up with him more over the last two nights than we were with Merritt. We hope he gets better soon. It seems like half of what I write about on this blog every week is who’s sick with what.

I have one more week before I’m back on campus, and I have plenty of work to do. We also have a guest joining us next weekend: Kira’s best friend is coming to take her for a “weekend away,” which will likely translate to several hours away as Merritt still refuses a bottle. I can hold him off with baby food, but he still needs his mommy.

If it weren’t so cold here, we might venture outside more, but it has been just above zero all week. The kids don’t seem to mind so much, but Carver keeps getting fooled by the sunshine, thinking it must be nice out. Fortunately, we have a large basement for the kids that serves as a sort of play area. It will have to do until we can leave the house without turning into Ricksicles.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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