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Cloudy With a Chance of Boredom

The winter weather seems to be getting to us a bit. It’s been around 30 degrees, sometimes snowy, and we haven’t seen the sun for about a week. It might be something to enjoy, but the snow has not been sticking, so it’s just cold and dreary everywhere. The boys don’t consciously complain about being stuck inside, but they still seem to grate on each other. It also keeps my commute especially challenging and uncomfortable, so we are all ready for Spring. 

Avey had an enjoyable week. She started a new after-school art class, and came home very excited about the materials she got and the new methods she learned. She showed us a very impressive beginning of her new project, which she hopes to complete soon:

Merritt continues to exercise his mobility and curiosity to the extreme. He has discovered how to open the lower cabinet doors throughout our kitchen and bathroom, so he has made a routine of rearranging their contents each day. He’s also getting braver about bipedal motion; twice this week he stood up with no supports for a full 8 seconds or so before plopping back onto his bottom. He turns 9 months this week, so he seems a little ahead of schedule with walking. Still, he has no teeth to show for his 9 months.

His sleep has regressed a bit lately, too. He still sleeps best in his car seat, but we have worked to get him more comfortable with his crib for naps. When in his car seat, he seems to want to roll over and lay on his tummy, but when sleeping in his crib where he can roll over, he seems to sleep for shorter stints. The worst part is that when he wakes at night, he just starts screaming like he’s witnessed the end of the world, so we worry he disturbs his brothers. Strangely, when I try to comfort him until Kira is ready to nurse, he gets even madder, as if I’m the last person on earth he wanted to see. We hope that this schedule gets better soon, especially before I leave for a conference in March!

Carver is already gearing up for his birthday in March. He talks about it at least once each day. We can hardly believe he’ll be 5, and still doesn’t dare to try fruit in its natural form. Although, to his credit, he did have a taste of a particularly sweet mango earlier in the week, so maybe he’s maturing after all. 

Not much noteworthy is happening otherwise. We just keep plugging away!


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