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After Carver’s fever from a few weeks ago, he regressed in several areas. He is now very hesitant to eat small bites of meat, opting instead for the baby food version. He has also taken less interest in walking, although he will humor us when we insist. But even with the setbacks, it seems his vocabulary has exploded.

We’ve used our very limited sign language with Carver much more than we did with Avey, and it’s made a clear difference. He has regularly signed “eat” and “more”, but recently has nailed down “milk”, “dog”, “fish”,  “bird”, and “cheese”.

He’s made even more progress in verbal words. Just yesterday I was feeding him a meal, and said jokingly, “Well, Carver, let’s make some dinner conversation.” He said, clear as crystal, through the little grin on his face, “Okay.”

We’ve also caught him saying “Cuckoo” in reference to our clock, he says something pretty close to “cheese”, “fish”, and “sis” (our word for Avey). His all-time favorite word is “go”, and we have to be careful not to say it or he will head straight for the door and say “Go! Go!” and sob if we don’t take him outside. I’ve also caught him saying, “Ooh, look!” two or three times.

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any cuter, he starts to speak! The problem is that now we have to be careful about what we say – he’s always listening!


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