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On one of the bath days this week, I took on a little too much. I had bathed Hakan and then Carver, but the water was not draining. As the boys were running around in their diaper and underwear (respectively), I tried to get the drain unplugged. Hakan was most interested in the process, and watched for a while. That boy has a strange fascination with the bathtub whenever anyone is in it, or at least any water. He explored this fascination as I worked by throwing things into the water. Mostly he threw bath toys, which was a little distracting, but no problem. Unfortunately, as I was focused on what I was doing with my hands, he got an idea to add some variety to his experimentation and tossed his favorite blanky in the tub. I grabbed it out as soon as it hit the surface, but the damage was done. The blanky was far too wet for use.

The especially sad part was that it was bedtime, and this boy needs his blanket for bedtime like I need a spoon to eat soup; it may be possible without it, but why bother? Kira quickly threw the blanky into the washer (it was long overdue for a wash anyway), but he needed sleep right away. We got him in jammies and gave him the binky, but naturally the essential piece was missing. I explained in terms he understood, “Blanky wet. Sad.” He completely agreed that the blanky was wet, and the situation was sad, but he did not seem to understand why he could not just have his blanky dry now. How does one explain the laws of physics to an 18-month-old? We offered him other, similar blankies, but he wanted nothing to do with those impostors. Thankfully, he eventually nodded off, and we draped his by-then-dry blanky over him. Continuing the nightmare, however, he awoke at midnight screaming for his blanky, apparently dreaming about the drama. I had to take him and show him by nightlight that the blanky in his arms was in fact his precious. It must have felt and smelled just different enough to him that it seemed to be an intruder, but he eventually went back to sleep with his dear blanky to keep him warm and safe. Now it seems that he’s soaked it in enough drool, or whatever, that it smells and feels familiar again, and all is right with the world.

Carver had a good one this week too. Yesterday was a breakfast with Kira’s ward, where the kids got some candy canes. They were trying them out as we drove home. Carver asked me to help him open the plastic in which it was wrapped, and gave it a try. As I turned my attention to getting us home safely, I hear him shriek, “It’s poison!” The look on his face seemed like the traditional holiday treat might really have been deadly. His reaction was quite humorous, but we think he meant to say that the peppermint was a little too spicy for his tongue. He’ll get the hang of English eventually.

I am done with grading for the semester, and now am just preparing for the next one. This is Avey’s last week at school before the break, and we’ve got a lot going on. We will find out the sex of Baby #4 on Thursday, as long as (s)he cooperates. If you haven’t placed your bets yet, now is the time!

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