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Cooling Down

We had a much better week in many respects, owed mostly to the fact that Avey made it a point to be friends with Carver. They still had their moments, but mostly they cooperated and played well together.

We had a couple of boys over during the week who are Carver’s and Hakan’s ages. That was at least a change of pace for the household as everybody was occupied with the guests. They were good boys, and there were only a few scuffles that were quickly resolved. 

The three older kids and I spent an afternoon at a nearby park with a little splash pad. That was a lot of fun for its novelty, and especially in light of the heat we’ve had. It’s certainly nothing compared to those El Paso summers (the memories of which still traumatize us), but they still are uncomfortable. The water was cool, and it was not very crowded, so it made for a delightful change of pace. The kids requested another visit there just this morning, which I had to turn down, but perhaps tomorrow will have us there again.

Merritt had a couple of rough days where he just would not be soothed. He caught a little cold that had made its rounds through the family, but he seems to have had the worst of it with a runny nose and hoarse (but still adorable) voice. He was acting normal through most of it, but something seems to have snapped the last couple of days when he is fed, and has a clean diaper, but just won’t be soothed for several minutes at a time. We remind ourselves that this was normal for most of Hakan’s first few months, so we are at least glad that Merritt is a much easier baby overall. Hopefully whatever is bothering him will soon pass.

Otherwise, I am trying to squeeze in a few hours of work here and there to prepare for the coming semester, and Kira is working to get her practice set up to start taking clients in the next couple of months. The experiment continues…


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