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This week felt busier than usual for many reasons. It was my last week of teaching (this coming week is finals), and that always means that I have several students who suddenly become concerned about their grades. I had one just today email me asking about when the final project was due. I told him it was due three days ago, just like it says in the syllabus, and he asked if he could still turn it in for partial credit. I said that was fine, but to please turn it in as soon as possible. He emailed back, and it became apparent that he had not even started the project. To what is the world coming?

Another part of the craziness was that Avey had two concerts this week. On Tuesday, she played the flute in her band concert, and then on Thursday, she played the violin with the orchestra in their concert. Naturally, those two days are already our busiest as I am in the city until the late afternoon. Still, it was fun to get the boys out of the house, and it was great to see and hear what Avey has been learning. 

Thankfully, the craziness has also been accompanied by a few improvements in Merritt’s behavior. I mentioned recently that his appetite has been minuscule. Well, for some reason it was much better this week. He is especially interested in hot dogs, but he’s also eating eggs again, so he may just make it to adolescence. We wonder if the lapse was because of some molars making their way to the surface, because his sleeping has also improved quite a bit. One night this week, I for sure completed a full sleep cycle uninterrupted. I could tell, because when I woke up from it of my own accord, I felt a little less like I had been drugged and dumped on the side of the road after a boxing match I had lost, which is how I normally feel.

I also finally got my root canal procedure totally finalized with the permanent crown. It’s been nice to once again feel like I have my tooth back. Since the pain began so long ago, I have been avoiding chewing on that side of my mouth. Now that I can start using it again, it’s like learning to chew all over again. Thank goodness for modern dentistry!

We had our first real snow yesterday, so the boys went out to toss it around for a while before coming in from the frigid cold. It’s not supposed to get much warmer from here on out, yet the snow is still basically all gone, so this winter has been lame. Last year was just like this, too. Maybe Colorado will be a winter wonderland for us!

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