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With the days off of work and school this week, we decided to take advantage and get family pictures. Like last time, we scheduled it for a weekday, in the afternoon so that we could work in naps and such. We somehow still managed to show up late, but we went right in. Getting four kids to smile at the same time is about as challenging as herding cats, so I imagine. We got some pretty decent photos, and managed to survive the rest of the trip. Although I can’t share the professional photos here, I took some this morning of our handsome oldest boys:

Thanksgiving was somehow very stressful even though we were not cooking our own meal. We had been invited to some acquaintances, and I agreed to make a blueberry pie and some potato rolls. It was my first time baking the rolls from scratch, so I ran into a couple of roadblocks, forcing me to take two last-minute trips to the grocery store. In the end, they turned out alright, and I learned a lot for next time. The pie was pretty good, at least.

We have otherwise been preparing the house for when Kira’s brother and his family drop by on their tour of the surrounding states. We expected them today, but the fates decided to make them available to watch someone’s kids while their mother had a baby, so we will see them later on in the week. That was nice to have a few extra days to prepare, but sad that Avey and I will be at school and work (respectively) when they are here. 

We were all very excited to deck out the house with Christmas decorations. Avey and Carver had all sorts of fun trimming the tree. Hakan is too young to remember either of his previous Christmases, so he is relearning what all goes into it. We are looking forward to seeing family soon, and are a little excited for some snow.

Until next time, we’ll try to stay warm. You do the same.


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