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As you’ve noticed, I am done with my semester (*small applause*). That means I have no more classes until August, no more homework until August, no more long hours in my office on campus until August. 

But it also means I’ve run out of momentum (*scattered gasps*). If it weren’t for Avey, I’d probably just spend all of my time now sleeping, eating frozen pizza (I’d probably heat it up though), playing really stupid video games, bugging Kira to sit and watch a movie with me, etc. Luckily, I got Avey all day Thursday and Friday. We went on walks, visited the duck pond (which was mostly full of geese), had a couple of food fights, napped, etc. 

I’ve still got quite a lot of work to do this summer: applying to Ph.D. programs, working on my thesis, continuing my meth research, playing really stupid video games, etc., But this was a nice week to slow down the pace and have no deadlines other than bedtime. 

Last week, Avey counted from 1 to 10 in order, with no prompting from us! She’s also got two new favorite words: “Okay” and “Yeah”. Any question we ask her is sure to get one of those responses. She’s even figured out a nice little trick where she whines to do something, like watch the piggy video (Charlotte’s Web) and so we say something like, “You really want to watch the piggy video, don’t you?” and her response is always “Okay” as if we were offering. Touche, Avey. 

#Happenings #LittleGems

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