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Avey certainly has the creative gene. She seems able to turn just about anything into a toy. For example, a couple of weeks ago she and I found a marble while we were out on a walk. She held on to it, and during a meal grabbed some clothespins and began to carry on a dialogue between the clothespins and the marble. I offered to put faces on the clothespins, which excited her. She chose the colors and the kinds of faces. Here are “[left to right] Marble, Frown Red, Silly Black, and Happy Blue.”

Avey has enjoyed her new toys so much that we’ve even made efforts to improve their images:

Avey has felt much better for the past week – thank you all for your sympathy. Unfortunately, I’m down with something right now, and it’s no fun at all. It’s not affecting my tummy, but I sure don’t feel like doing anything. Avey’s been a very helpful aide to me, providing unlimited hugs and kisses, so I should be on the mend soon. Kira’s been kindly attending to me as well, although she’s got some weird ideas about chocolate chip cookies not being the cure-all.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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