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Creature Discomforts

The week started out fine, with a few hiccups here and there. 

We had planned to all go get our flu shots Monday after Carver got home from school, so we took off and went to a pharmacy that has them. They told us that pharmacies are not allowed to give them to children under 7. I thought that was strange because it’s recommended for children 6 months and up, but they told us it’s state law, and we would have to go to a primary care physician for them to get one. So Kira and I got ours anyway, and the boys lucked out (for now). 

Through the night I felt like I might be coming down with something for a few hours. I figure it was my immune system responding to the vaccine, but it was enough to keep me awake for half of the night. The weird feeling was gone by 1 or so in the morning, but then I just couldn’t seem to get comfortable. I don’t think I slept at all before my 5:40 alarm. It was my long day on campus, so it was miserable trying to muscle through my classes. 

The rest of the week was better, but I had to go to campus each day for some meeting or other. Kira managed things at home, though she has been battling a bit of a cold that she seems to have caught from the kids. They never did seem to have it as bad as she, because she’s got a pretty bad headache that tortured her all of yesterday, and is still mild today. Avey’s throat was sore for a bit, too, but never really got bad, so I hope that it’s not still going around our house.

While Kira was trying to manage her discomfort yesterday, I took the kiddos to an event about 15 minutes away. There were several organizations there who brought animals to display and some to touch. We started out by watching a guy put on a little educational show with a bullfrog, tarantula, special rabbit species, owl, raccoon, python, and alligator. Avey got to go on stage to feel the raccoon’s paws!

After the show, we went in to check out the other things they had, including a small petting zoo of chickens, ducks, goats, a pony, and pigs. Merritt was really preoccupied with the pony: too afraid to touch it, but really excited to watch it. 

There were lizards, turtles and tortoises, snakes, and even some birds. 

They kids had a fun time, even asking if we could go back today, but alas, it was only for yesterday. 

The tricky part was getting back to the car after we were ready to go. It had been raining on and off all day, but it seemed clear enough when we got into the tent that I didn’t think to bring the umbrella along (one more thing to carry). Of course, it started raining a lot and didn’t let up when we were about 20 minutes from done. We finally just made a run for it – the kids giggling and squealing as the rain tickled their heads and necks. We were not soaked enough to prevent us from a library visit, so we did that before going home for an early dinner/late lunch. 

A couple of weeks ago, Kira and I finally had it with Hakan during the night. For a while he had been coming into our room in the middle of the night, wanting company. For a long time, he wouldn’t stay in his room at bedtime either, insisting that Kira lay in his bed with him until he fell asleep. After giving up hope that he would grow out of it anytime soon, I put the bunk beds together in with Carver, so that all 3 boys sleep in one room. It’s plenty big for the three of them, but we were a little nervous that Hakan would just wake up the others. One big issue has been who gets the top bunk. They originally agreed to trade each week, and it’s worked out well so far until a couple of nights ago. Hakan decided that he did not like the bottom bunk anymore, and he did not want to wait until his turn was up, so Kira moved him back into his room (just the mattress) for a couple of nights. Now that it’s his turn again, he’s moved back in with Carver, so who knows what’s up?

Merritt surprised us on Thursday this week when he told a story, and instead of saying “Paw-vah” for Carver, he spoke a clear “Caw-vah.” That’s a good step for him. He’s been very into watching little videos while he eats lately. We started letting him do it just because it was one way to keep him still and occupied during meals, but now he expects it. It’s not been all bad, though, because he has learned his colors, can count reliably to 12, and learned some new songs. Still, we’re trying to ease him off of it.

We got Carver’s test scores back from school this week, and he’s killing it in both math and reading. His teacher brought in her new baby to show the class, and he likes the substitute, so he’s doing really well.

Avey is keeping busy with school, too. She’s thinking about joining a robotics club, and maybe going back into band. She’s been spending nights this week working on some larger creative projects, including designing a map for a fictional land in a book the class has read, and creating a cereal box that is a book report.

We’re all getting in the Halloween and autumn spirit, very much enjoying the cooler weather, but a little bummed out by all the rain we’ve had over the weekend. Still, it will be worth it for all of the trick-or-treating candy!


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