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Cribs, and another poll

This was actually quite an uneventful week. I’m sort of at a loss for what I should type. The biggest news was that we bought a crib for our upcoming bundle of joy (and poop). I think I was more anxious to get buying the furniture because, as the father, very little changes for me to remind me that the baby’s on the way. I get impatient because I don’t feel sick when I smell food, my tummy doesn’t expand, and I don’t feel kicks and jabs inside of me (Kira limits them to my shoulder, usually). I really just sit around for nine months, twiddling my thumbs, taking orders from the wife. I’ve tried to stay involved by researching the whole process and stuff, but after a while, you’ve heard it all a hundred times. So I think it helps to keep a fairly constant flow of “baby” this and “baby” that coming into the house to keep me feeling like we’re progressing. Anyway, so the crib – if you’ll recall my post on prom dress shopping, I was terrified to actually take this on. A crib is a significantly bigger purchase than a prom dress (no offense, Keely). I guess that’s partially why I wanted to start sooner than later, because I feared the baby would be crawling before Kira decided which crib she wanted. However, I was pleasantly surprised that we went to only two stores and it took a total of two hours to pick out both the crib and the mattress! Maybe my subtle sighs of boredom are finally beginning to work their magic! I also saw Lee Cummard, of BYU’s championship basketball team there in Babies R Us also. That was wild. Yesterday there was a stake-wide yard sale to raise money for the young men and women for summer camp or something. I showed up at 8:20am, and there were already about 150 people there. I scrambled to find any good stuff and found a really great kitchen table for $20! It’ll need a little cleaning up, but is solid and will look great when I’m through with it. When Kira came for our second sweep of the sale, we couldn’t help but look through the infant clothes. That got us even more excited and we even bought a few that would work for either gender. Speaking of which, we find out whether it’s a boy or a girl this coming Friday, and I will post it immediately, so stay tuned! Until then, let’s take another poll for the gender of the child. Give us your vote on if you think it will be a boy, girl, and/or twins. And why you so think, if you’d like. Comment, or email us.

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