• Elijah Ricks

Dad For A Day

By Kira-

While the common phrase “King for a day” implies that someone would want to be pampered like a king, I think at this point I would never want to be a dad for a day, and here’s why; the dads that I know go out to work all day to provide for their families, then in the early morning and evening hours they help take care of the household as well. I think this is what a good dad should do, but it does sound tiring to me. My own father was the king of the yard and the garage, and both were well-kept. These tasks were more than full-time, especially during the summer. My dad also cooked breakfast for the family every day for all my growing-up years. There was a time that my dad worked 3 jobs to get by, and he has set a good example of how to take care of one’s family. Thanks Dad, for taking care of us and teaching us what hard work is all about. 

The main reason I would not like to be a dad for a day, however, comes from watching Eli the past few months. Eli is one of the best dads there are; I have watched him get up early, go to work, go to school, do research, do homework, then go to the store to get groceries, then cook dinner, clean up the house, get Avey to bed, and stick Carver’s pacifier back in his mouth repeatedly until the wee hours of the morning. Then he repeats this again and again. I think it must be especially hard to go out and function “normally” at work and school with no chance to take a nap and do all of this coherently. Besides Eli’s endurance through this rigorous schedule, he does all of these things with patience and humor, and he takes everything in stride. Eli is often the glue that holds our family together. Furthermore, I have not even begun to describe what an awesome daddy he is. He has a special bond with Avey that only a dad and daughter can share. He is kind, patient, respectful, and gentle with our children, and they are blessed to call him Dad. We love you Eli.


Kira, Avey, and Carver


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