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Day of Mothers

I am blessed with some wonderful women in my life. You’re all familiar with the smallest one by now. But on this day of appreciation, I’d like to spend a couple of minutes on two others.

My dear wife, Kira, is a model of dedication and service. She seems to never cease to think of others. And she is a living example of this; she has chosen to spend the majority of her time and efforts in care of not only our little treasure, but even in her profession she chose a field where she could help and serve those who have fallen on hard times, struggle with life’s problems, or simply need a warm, listening ear. I am constantly and consistently amazed at her ability and disposition to empathize with others; it is not uncommon for her conversations with me to be brainstorms about how we could do something for or visit so-and-so. What a true blessing she has been to me and so many others! And I am so grateful that Avey has such a shining example in her life!

I could never let the topic of mothers go by without a word of praise or two for my own dear mother. I have never known a greater example of selflessness, almost to the point of a fault. My own mother’s near endless patience with 4 boys in a row, a girl, and then another boy, astounds me to think about. When I think of the horrors we put her through, and her unnecessarily loving reactions, I can’t imagine why she hasn’t yet been awarded some kind of metal.

Avey and I are lucky beyond measure that she has such a beautiful, intelligent, and loving mother, two spectacular grandmothers, and a very long line of amazing women ahead of her (she bears the names of two of her great-grandmothers). The characteristics she has inherited and will continue to learn and develop will be passed on to her children, and their children. And thus they have blessed the world!


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