• Elijah Ricks

Days and Confused

Okay, I’ll admit it’s a pretty lame title. It’s in reference to my work week. Because Monday was a holiday, Tuesday felt like the first day of the week, then Wednesday was Thursday’s schedule because our normal Wednesday activity was going to take place on the following day (Thursday) rather than its normal day (Wednesday). Then, of course, came Friday. So in brief, my work week went in this order: Holiday, Monday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday. Suffice it to say my head has been spinning quite a lot lately.

In other news, I retook the GRE yesterday. A practice test showed an 80 point increase from my first score, but when I took the real test, it was only 10 points above my original. I’m disappointed, but okay with it. My scores aren’t terrible, I just don’t feel like they reflect my abilities. The thing is, as a psychologist, I will never have to figure out how far train A got compared to train B, let alone figure it out in two minutes. So I still think I have potential as a psychologist.

We are slowly getting unpacked, we have another appointment with the midwife on Tuesday, and Kira and Avey are both doing as well as can be expected. She’s gotten all of her clients ready to transfer for when the baby’s born, and I’ll start putting the crib together tomorrow. Pictures may accompany next week’s entry!

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