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Daze Off

Updated: Feb 17, 2020

We began this week with a hectic Monday. There was finally some decent weather, and it has been getting dark later, so I thought I'd try riding my bike to the train station. The ride there was fine. I had a meeting in the city with my boss - just an annual evaluation, which went very well. I then taught my long course, and dashed to catch my train so that I could be on time for Kira to get to her evening appointments. It snowed all afternoon, so I opted to leave my bike and get picked up instead (I took my bike home a few days later). Kira left me with the kids for dinner and bedtime while she went to meet her clients. It was the second appointment for one of them, and the other was meeting her for the first time. She called a little later to tell me that the dentist from whom she rents her office space had forgotten about her appointments that night, so he was at home an hour away, and she was locked out. She called her clients to let them know the situation, and one decided to just sit in our car with her for the appointment, while the other rescheduled for the next day. Kira's working things out with the dentist to avoid this ever happening again, and considering finding a new place.

Just a few days later, she got another call from a new client whom she'll meet tomorrow! Nice to finally get some traffic!

My week was pretty standard at work, though I was glad not to have to go into the city on Wednesday. I worked from the library instead.

The kids were excited about a snowstorm that moved in Wednesday night, although we tried to keep expectations realistic. They couldn't believe their luck when they got a snow day for Thursday, because they already had Friday and Monday (tomorrow) off of school! I still had to go into work like normal, but the day passed quickly.

Hannah was glad to have some days to sleep in, too, as the buses didn't run with school out. She's been frustrated with some of the goings on at her office job, and is preparing for a road trip for a work meeting with a client near Indianapolis tomorrow.

I tried hard to work Friday morning, though my energy was low. Hannah picked me up from the library on her way home, and we made a Costco run, as I was paid that morning. Avey came along so that she could try some of the samples and see if there were any snow pants in her size (there weren't).

Saturday was cold and windy, with plenty of snow still. Hannah wanted to look at some mattresses for a President's Day sale going on, and it was right near a hardware store, so I went along and shopped for some hardware while she looked at mattresses. We're thinking it's time to put Merritt in a big boy bed, so Hannah's going to buy her own and Merritt will inherit that one that was Avey's originally.

Hannah had to come home and measure to be sure about her mattress, but I got everything I needed, and came home to replace a gap cover between our tile and wood flooring that Merritt broke earlier in the week in one of his furies. This one's metal, so should be tougher to crack.

We then all went sledding at a new spot, but it was so windy that the kids were done fast. Hakan had his heart set on our normal hill, so I dropped Kira and him off there while taking the rest of the family home, planning to go right back to pick them up. Instead, Avey decided to stay a bit and sled on that hill, too, because it wasn't nearly as windy as the other location.

After lunch, I got to work on my project of putting closet lights in every closet, and did Avey's. It was easily the absolute worst one out of the 4 I've done so far. It was the hardest to reach, the mounting bracket I brought with me to get into position was just slightly too long, my light came unplugged so that I had to do the whole thing using my cell phone's flashlight, and my pencil to mark the spot I needed to cut must have slipped out somewhere up there, because I still don't know where it is. Oh, and removing her ceiling fan (so that I could wire the light to that connection) took about 4 times longer than I had planned.

In any case, I got it all done while Kira bathed the kids. I did Hannah's closet this morning, which was not nearly as difficult. I also fixed Avey's door that was coming off of the screws. Now it will actually shut quietly.

Merritt's had a rough couple of nights, with some sort of cough. It doesn't seem like there's anything wrong during the days, but he was up hacking away Friday night until I finally gave him something. Last night wasn't as bad, but he woke me up, and then I couldn't get back to sleep because I kept hearing his squeaks and anticipating him needing help.

I've got to head into the city early tomorrow, and Kira's got a house full of kids before her clients, so we're going to need to go to bed early tonight!

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