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Dead Weight

Several days ago, Carver was outside playing on the sidewalk, as he often does. Between two of the concrete slabs is a gap of about 3 inches. Carver has learned to navigate around it to avoid stumbles, but for some reason that day, he miscalculated and had a very short stumble to the ground. He cried briefly, Kira comforted him, and he went about his business. 

But we noticed that things were not quite the same. Carver had a little limp in his walk. We thought surely it would go away after some time. It was still there the next day. We tried putting little bits of pressure on his leg to see if it hurt. Carver gave no reaction. We tried bending his leg at the knee, then the ankle. He hardly noticed, and certainly did not wince. We were puzzled. The next day, the limp was no better, and we were beginning to worry. 

Fortunately, Kira has a connection with someone in her ward who specializes in exactly this sort of thing. He said it sounded like a small fracture in the tibia, and told Kira to bring him in. She did, and, although they couldn’t see anything in the x-ray, they put a cast on just to be sure.

He tried walking the next morning with great difficulty, and now has resorted to crawling. He is mobile enough, and in good spirits as usual, but certainly will be thrilled to take the cast off in a few more days. 

On top of it all, our little trooper had a molar break through probably yesterday. We are beginning to suspect that he has a high tolerance for pain.


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