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Death and Taxes

We kicked this week off with the kids home from school, but I had to go into campus to interview applicants to our graduate program. It’s just a part of the job, even though I’m not likely to actually see any of them again after the interview. Kira decided it might be fun for the kids to ride the train in behind me so we could meet up for lunch and then ride home together. I had 90 minutes for lunch, but their train got in late, so that our time was cut short before I had to get back to interviews. After it was over, they came up to my office, cleaned out my treat drawer, met my boss, and got a view of the city from high above it. 

The ride home was uneventful, and then they were troublesome getting fed and in bed after a tiring day out. Still, it was better than having them sit in front of the television all day (which is probably what they would have preferred).

Tuesday and Wednesday were not too extraordinary, and then on Thursday we got word that my uncle Kirby was in the hospital on life support after he’d had a massive stroke on Tuesday. This was not his first stroke in recent years, but this one sounded very bad. By the end of the day, the doctors had done a brain scan, finding no activity. They took him off of life support and he soon passed. We’re saddened by his death, and think fondly of him. When I remember Kirby, I think of the little wooden trinkets he would make and send to us when we were little. I still have some of them.

Avey continued to watch over the neighbor’s pets with help from Hannah when she was not available. They got some nice payment on Friday when they returned. Avey also got a t-shirt from their vacation destination. She’s a sweet neighbor and was very grateful for their help.

Friday was a pretty packed schedule. I had some work to do in the morning, and then Kira and I took the younger boys with us to go sign off on our taxes. We hired an agency to do them this year because our situation is pretty complex with Kira having a business in Illinois, and I work in Illinois, but we both live in Indiana, where we bought our first house. Merritt started complaining as we were almost to the office, and then just as I pulled into the parking spot, he lost his lunch all over himself and his car seat. The poor guy, and poor us! We cleaned him up as best we could, and then we took a quick look at a potential site for Kira’s Indiana office, and then signed off on our taxes next door to that. After we got home, I bathed Merritt and Kira cleaned up the mess he’d left. Naturally, he has seemed just fine ever since then.

Saturday, Kira took the kids and my sister to clean the church while I cleaned and tried to take a break. I wanted to bake, but then realized I was out of sugar, so my sister picked some up on the way home and I made them in the afternoon. My mom had made the kids a teepee (like one we had as children), and it arrived that day, so after the kids were in bed I went to the hardware store to find some poles for it.

A terrible wind storm set in Saturday night, blowing like wild and making it hard to stay asleep. Today was a different meeting at church, lasting only an hour and it didn’t start until 12. That was nice to have some extra time to get everyone fed and dressed, but they still were late getting out of the door.

Carver’s birthday is coming up soon, so we’re likely to celebrate this coming weekend!


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