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Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Kira’s and my union in marriage. It’s hard to believe that so much time has passed already – I still half feel like we are playing “house,” probably because we are always winging it dealing with new life experiences that come our way. Kira is just as beautiful as she was in 2005, and I am still in school. 

Yet, in more important ways, it is amazing to see what we’ve accomplished in these few years. In another 3 weeks we will have earned four degrees between the two of us, gone through four vehicles, and by the end of the summer we will have moved six times across four states. I’ve gotten 10 years older, though I can’t speak for Kira in that regard. What is most telling of the last decade, however, is certainly our three children. They are the product of our work together, our affection for each other, and they represent our dedication to one another. 

Looking at them puts the past 10 years into perspective as a relatively brief, but unfathomably meaningful time. Kira and I spent those years creating a family – the most transcendent and worthwhile thing we could imagine.

It’s a little frightening and exciting to think about the next 10 years: frightening because Avey will be 17-years-old by then, Carver will be 13, and Hakan 11, and who knows who else will be joining us? But mostly, it is exciting to think of all that we will experience together.

A few years ago, a line from a movie struck me, and I’ve thought about it from time to time. It said something to the effect that the reason we want to marry is to have someone witness and share our life. This isn’t just a relationship of convenience where we both offer helping hands to each other in reaching common goals, but this is a shared life. We experience life with one another. I’m grateful for the last 10 years that Kira and I have shared with each other, and I very much look forward to what the next 10, 20, 30, or whatever we can have, bring with them.

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