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Avey was invited to a birthday party that took place yesterday. It was a costume party, which left her in quite a predicament; she had to make a decision. She quickly turned to her bookshelf, looking through any pictures of ghouls or monsters. She located a Halloween-themed book and turned page by page telling me how she would do her costume. “Daddy, I want to wrap my left arm like a mummy, make my right arm look like Frankenstein, make my left leg furry like a werewolf, make my right leg like a zombie, make my middle look like a skeleton, and paint my face green like a witch. Oh, and have vampire teeth!” I’m sure monsters everywhere appreciate her desire to represent them each, but with only a little time and small budget, her plan was less than practical. 

We told her we could try a scarier costume for Halloween proper, but suggested a costume from her current selection of dress-up stuff. She got excited about being a bride (no surprise there), so quickly gathered the accessories and immediately fell into character. Needless to say, Carver made a helpless stand-in groom. Here you see him, resigned to his fate:

I was fortunate to visit Avey at school this week for a special “Doughnuts with Daddy” Day. Yes, they know the way to get dads to show up. We were entertained with a song and presented with hand-decorated picture frames. It was a lovely break from the normal routine, and enjoyable to have her as a tour guide to the classroom. 

We hope all is well with you! Thanks for reading!


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