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Defense Mechanisms

Avey was finally exposed to Tangled recently. She’s been quite taken with the stunning visuals, the exciting plot, the tangible characters, and the romantic development. She’s also gleaned an additional valuable piece of information from the film, which will become apparent in the following anecdote.

A few nights ago, after putting Avey to bed, she called to me and explained that she was frightened about going to sleep. I asked what she was scared of, and she told me that she feared skeletons would get her (she’s been a little nervous about skeletons since seeing a small plastic Halloween decoration at a store a few weeks ago). She said that she could not stop thinking about skeletons, and she was too afraid to sleep. We talked about some things we could try to help her not think about skeletons, and she finally came up with the idea of keeping something next to her bed to protect her from them. And what did she decide she could use to ward off the demons? A frying pan!

So while she may or may not have reaped the more subtle messages of non-prejudice, unselfish love, and unrelenting hope, at least she  understands the basic idea of blunt objects. You’ve done it again, Disney!


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