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Desert Wonderland

This last week was our Spring Break. We spent the first few days trying to catch up from my absence the week before, and getting errands run. If you missed Monday’s post, we are fairly certain that Baby #3 is a boy!

On Thursday, we took advantage of the glorious weather to go to White Sands National Monument. That is always an enjoyable time, especially when the weather cooperates. Carver enjoyed it more than last time, probably because he did not try to eat the sand, and he is much more mobile now. Avey had a blast, and got to fulfill her week-long dream of performing “Let It Go” in the white surroundings. See the original here, and then observe Avey’s reenactment.

We are still discovering little white granules here and there, but the fun and memories are totally worth the mess. 

 Normal routine begins tomorrow. That will be somewhat of a relief to get Avey occupied at school, and for me to have time on campus. Carver is anxious to get back full dominion over his territory while his sister is away, and Kira could use the peace and quiet.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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