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Dia de Los Mommies

It is that wonderful time of year again, when we get to think back about all of the hell we put our mothers through, apologize, and beg for her forgiveness, while she insists that we “really weren’t so bad.” But we remember. We remember because we have our own children one day. That is when we are truly humbled. 

In our moms’ defense, the joy definitely outweighs the hassle. The giggles drown out the shouting. The genuineness overcomes the naivete. The innocence outshines the defiance. The unconditional love overshadows the tantrums. And we press on, reluctantly acknowledging that our little ones will grow out of their phases, and one day have children of their own. And the cycle will continue. We are grateful to have wonderful mothers, who had wonderful mothers. 

This has been another week of busy baby preparations alongside all manner of school hurdles. I managed to get my dissertation proposal scheduled, but it is awfully close to the baby’s due date. You would be amazed at how hard it is to arrange for 6 people to meet in one place for 90 minutes. I’ve also been studying hard for my psychometrics final (another statistics course), which takes place Tuesday.

Kira has been hard at work organizing newborn clothes, moving Carver’s stuff into new places, and attempting to catch a breath now and then. 

Avey has been brainstorming ways in which her younger brothers will play tricks on her, which sounds adorable. Somehow I don’t think she will appreciate them when they really happen.

Carver sometimes seems to understand that a baby is coming. He has decided that he will give the baby milk, and hold it. We will do our best to supervise all of this, because he is about as careful as a stampede of wild buffalo.

#Happenings #LittleGems

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