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Different Planes

This week I spent some time preparing for the first exam in my Applied Multiple Regression and Correlation Analysis class. As I attempted to retain the material, I thought I would talk about it out loud during dinner. I turned to my daughter and said, “Avey, did you know that a residual is the vertical distance between the regression line and a given data point?” Avey, not one to be outdone, replied, “Daddy, did you know that Alvin says ‘duh’ on Alvin and the Chipmunks?”

Although her little factoid was not among the pieces of information I needed to know for the exam the following day, I was glad to learn something.

Avey’s mind often works on a completely different level than mine, I’ve noticed. While I find myself trying to come up with ways to survive another day, she is usually hard at work trying to make the day as carefree and blissful as possible. Maybe I could learn a little from her while she learns a little from me.

* * *

Kira began work this week, meeting with her first two clients! It’s an exciting thing to begin a business, even though the preparation is like a job by itself. We entrepreneurs have a lot to learn still.

Avey came down with a rough cold, spending half of last night up coughing. When she woke up this morning, she announced, “I’m all better!” Even though she’s in good spirits, she is still hacking up a storm.

Carver has been resting comfortably in Kira’s tummy, although it must be getting tight in there; he is competing with her intestines for elbowroom and, judging by the frequency and force of his jabs and kicks, he is determined to win that battle!

I passed the week spending lots of time with Avey and trying to get ahead on schoolwork. I can’t say I got very far with the latter, but I enjoyed the Daddy/Daughter time. And it just so happens that I aced that Regression exam!

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