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We’ve found something strange happening over the last several weeks in our home. Kira and I often find scraps of paper lying around with odd sequences of letters and numbers, as if encoding some secret message. For example, the other day we discovered this sequence on the computer screen:

Mi momouz neam iz kira le rix shez goT u fon nobr 2″. 

After detailed analysis, we realized this was the first line of a song we’ve taught Avey, our daughter, to help her learn Kira’s phone number in case of emergency: 

“My momma’s name is Kira Lee Ricks – she’s got a phone number too…”

It’s now clear who has been leaving these notes. They appear to be some sort of primitive attempt at communication!

We’re very impressed with her progress so far. She’s known her letters for some time, and put some effort into reading, but I’ve not heard of children teaching themselves to write before really reading! I suppose the next logical step is to have her copy the complete works of Shakespeare. That should encourage her and not confuse her in any way, right?

We met her pre-K teacher this week, and toured her classroom. The teacher seems great, and her classmates were polite. She is so excited to start school, she can hardly stand it! 

#Happenings #LittleGems

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