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Dividing and Conquering

It seems like we were all over the place this week. Each morning, Avey went to a day camp thing where they made crafts and such in a space theme. She was initially hesitant to go when she realized it would be 3 hours long, but she had a lot of fun each day, and brought home some great crafts, including a t-shirt she made that looks like a shot of space.

She’s been especially independent this week. Last Sunday, she, Carver, and I all rode our bikes to the park, which takes about 15 minutes at normal biking speed. She and I then rode it home, and then a few days later we rode it to the library that’s just a few minutes farther in the same direction. Then, on Thursday, Kira took everybody on that route to the park, but Avey rode ahead, then came back to check on their progress, then rode back home to retrieve something, then rode back to the park, and home again, all without us breathing down her neck. Yesterday, she asked to ride to the library all by herself, so we made sure to have her send us a message when she got there and then when she left. She did fine, and so we’re really excited to see her gain more independence and feel the accomplishment of leaving the nest on her own.

Carver had a bit of a crash when we rode to the park the first time, apparently spacing on how to use the brakes, so that’s put him back a little bit on his bravery. He still rides the neighborhood with Avey, but of course he’s young enough that he can stand to approach with caution. Hakan has declared himself retired from bike riding, now that he met the goal he had. We’ll invite him to go for a ride, and he’ll defiantly tell us that he has no more interest. I’m sure this is just a phase, much like Carver’s initial declaration that he would never sit upon a bicycle, so we’re trying to just ride it out, no pun intended. The more he sees his big brother tear up the road, I’m sure he’ll get the itch.

Merritt has been a real trip with the whole bike thing. He’s got a little bike just his size with training wheels, which he used to love to pedal up and down the street when I was teaching the others. I’m not sure what changed, but now any time he gets going at more than a snail’s pace, he starts screaming like someone’s about to toss him into a pit of hungry lions. We reassure him that he’s fine, and that he can steer and control how fast he goes, but no matter how many times we rehearse and practice using the brakes, it’s like he immediately forgets they exist once he starts moving. Again, I’m sure this is just a phase, but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

We had a nice celebration of Kira’s birthday on Tuesday. Her trip to Hawaii was sort of the big gift of service and time this year, but we also had a few gifts and made her favorite cake: chocolate cake with chocolate whipped cream icing. That night, she and I went to see the new Spider-man movie while Hannah finished getting the boys to bed. We had a good time, but we’re just not as young as we used to be, so that the late nights are getting to us.

I spent a lot of this week getting caught up with my day job. I spent most of Monday revising a manuscript that was just accepted for publication in a journal, and then I spent Wednesday and Thursday reading over a dissertation. On Thursday, I had to go to campus for my student’s dissertation defense, which she passed. I then had to go back on Friday because I agreed to meet with a family there with interest in forensic psychology (my specialty), and they wanted to talk about career options and tips on getting into graduate school. They were very nice, but it seems like had they just asked me over email what they wanted to know it could have saved us all a trip and lots of time. 

Somewhere in all of that, we squeezed in a trip to Costco, mowing the grass, and getting the kids out of the house on several trips. I did a bunch with caulking this week, and replaced 3 wall outlets to better match the color scheme (I’m slowly replacing all of them throughout the house). 

Kira was asked to fill the role of Relief Society President in her branch last week, which she accepted. It was made official today, so now she starts working. This is a new job for her that she’s never held before, so she’s feeling some pressure, but hopeful that it will go well.

Hannah starts a part-time job tomorrow working for an inspection company, helping to get their paperwork all caught up, so we hope that it goes well and possibly turns into something she can enjoy full time.

Avey is going to visit her old friend in Illinois later today, so I hope that’s a good experience for them both, and that Kira has a relaxing time, too. Maybe the boys will get along for a few minutes while they’re home with me, too.

Carver just bought Avey’s old phone from her last night, so he’s now having a good time staying glued to it all the time, personalizing it, and learning what all it can do. Between that and Minecraft, we may not see much of him for the rest of the summer. He starts a day camp this week, and the kids all have eye appointments, so that will likely consume most of our time. Expect a report at the same time next week.

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