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Carver has been under my desk for about 5 minutes. He found a little scrap of paper, and he puts it through a hole that is there for cables and wires to run through. Naturally, the paper falls right back on the floor where he found it, so he picks it up and puts it through the hole again. He’s not showing any signs of slowing down either.

The boy has been focused on standing unassisted this week. We’ll catch him anywhere – the kitchen, the bathroom, the hallway – and he’ll stand upright, flap his arms a bit, and plop back down after a few seconds. He does best when he doesn’t realize he’s not supported by anything else. After he gains a little more confidence, he’ll be all over the place for sure. 

We’ve been surrounded by plastic eggs for as long as we can remember now, and today will mark our third egg hunt. It never seems to get old for Avey, who relishes the competition (and candy) involved. Carver doesn’t yet understand the tradition, but he sure enjoys playing with the plastic eggs.

Not much else is going on out of the ordinary. But who knows what today will bring…


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