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In another hectic week, we did a lot of preparation for Easter and tried to get better used to Apollo. 

As is tradition, we dye eggs with the children as we get ready for the holiday, so we spent all week saving our shells from breakfast and other recipes so that we’d have enough. It turned out to be plenty, and Kira helped the kids get them all set. Merritt dyed his hand a dark blue in the process, and broke most of his eggs as he stirred them haphazardly in the mix, but it was clear he had a good time. 

The kids had Friday off this week, so that was a nice treat for them. I did some work from home and then took over the house while Kira drove 45 minutes to a doctor who meets her criteria. She got back in the early afternoon, excited about the experience. The stupid cold wind kept the kids in the house most of the day, but we did venture out a little to play in the yard. 

Saturday was also a stupid cold and windy day, but not so bad that we couldn’t spend some time outside. We went to an Easter breakfast and egg hunt at the church where the food was pretty good, and there were plenty of eggs to find. It was too cold for my liking, but the kids were happy with their spoils. That afternoon, I got working on several projects that had been on my list. Our grass is getting very long, but I hired a lawn treatment service to try to get our back yard in better shape. They had just laid down some fertilizer and then told me not to mow for 2 weeks. I wish they’d told me that beforehand! I gave it 8 days, and then I just couldn’t stand the front lawn anymore, it looked too shaggy. I spent some time trying to find the oil filter on my riding mower only to eventually find that some of this model do not have filters. Wasted time there. Got the oil changed, then found the battery was dead after a whole winter of no use, so I had to jump it, then I could finally cut the front lawn. It looks spectacular now, though, if I say so myself. 

Kira, Hannah, and the kids all sang in church this morning, so they spent some time each day practicing their song, each person getting a brief solo (except for Merritt, who just listened). I went to see them, and they did a great job.

We are currently enjoying gorgeous weather, so we are going to get our egg hunt on after lunch and take advantage of our large yard with our first Easter at this house.

Apollo has been doing generally much better this week. He is doing very well in his crate each night, and went several days with no house training accidents, although there were a few. He is getting better with his boundaries and understanding where he is not supposed to be. He seems to also be happy here with us.

Last night, I made the mistake of thinking that I could clean the hamster cage while Apollo napped on the couch. He recognized the cage and then the ancient hunter embedded deep within his DNA came out. He was on a mission to find little Gregor, and just could not be calmed down. He wouldn’t bark or anything, but he kept scratching at the cage, sniffing through all of the tubes and equipment we have, trying to find Gregor. All the while, Gregor was safe in a container in the kitchen, out of Apollo’s reach, but Apollo just wouldn’t let it go. He was desperate to find the hamster. Finally, I finished the cage and put Gregor back in, and held onto Apollo so that he could see Gregor. I held tight just in case he lunged, but he just watched. He seemed truly fascinated to see the little furry guy scurrying around. We’re glad he doesn’t so far appear to want to eat Gregor, but we still think they should be apart.

My semester has just 2 weeks left before finals, so I’m having a hard time focusing on work rather than summer projects, but I’ll have to hold on a little longer. The kids are too busy enjoying the weather today to care about tomorrow, so I should probably go join them while we have it…


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