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Yesterday we went for family pictures at the mall. Avey was very cooperative and made it much easier than all the times before (funny how growing up also involves maturing).

After the pictures we strolled around the mall, paying a visit to the pet shop. She giggled and waved at the birds and ferrets and puppies, and played with some of the chew toys. Then we went to get a new battery for Kira’s watch, and Avey found… the escalators.

As we waited for Kira’s new battery, Avey and I rode up and down the escalators. Again, and again, and again. We’d step on and she would giggle, as we ascended or descended, she’d talk about how the end was coming, and then, sure enough, the end came. When we stepped off she’d get a rush of joy and squeal at the delight of the whole ride. Invariably, the next word out of her mouth was “Again?”

At this point, I think we should call them esc-“elators.” We must have gone up and down on those things 20 times. Forget Disney World – we’ll just go to the mall!


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