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This week marks eleven years since the first post on this blog. It’s been a wild ride of births, deaths, sicknesses, celebrations, moves, and a little bit of sleep. When I started writing my first post all those years ago, we had recently learned that we were expecting our first child, and I wanted to be sure to document as much as I could. I’m sad to think how many precious moments I’ve forgotten to post, or the details of which I did not quite get right. Still, I’m glad to have some memorial of all of this chaos if just to be able to look back and realize how rough things can be, and remember how it was all worth it [maybe that’s a big assumption at this point].

There’s still some stuffy noses making their way around the house, with Carver probably having it the worst. It’s nothing we can complain too much about, given the relatively minor inconvenience it is compared to the other nonsense we’ve had this season. Other notable injuries of the week include Hakan’s back and Kira’s toe. Hakan scored a nice scratch across his back after attempting some stunt on his bed and instead falling clumsily. You might think that he’d learned his lesson, but then you must not know Hakan. Kira had a bizarre accident involving a bed sheet and her pinky toe. She somehow bent it the wrong way, and it’s been turning rich colors ever since. It does seem to be on the mend now, but it was no picnic.

Wednesday was Valentine’s Day, and was perhaps the least exciting one we’ve had in all of our years. I had a normal day of work and then came home to help get kids in bed. The school decided that Valentine’s would be the perfect day for parent-teacher conferences, so that was our plan for the evening until our babysitter had to cancel. Kira went on her own while I stayed home with the helpless kiddies. She arrived to find no sign of Avey’s teacher, apparently having fallen prey to some miscommunication. She had a lovely meeting with Carver’s teacher, and then came home to get to sleep. We did make up for it on Saturday after our dear neighbor offered to be with the kids. We got them to bed a tad early and went to see Black Panther, the latest Marvel superhero movie. It was a good movie, but did not quite live up to the hype.

Merritt has been making progress on his vocabulary lately, despite his efforts. He has taken to calling Avey “Shishee,” which seems to be some combination of “sis'” and “Avey.” He went around the table a dozen times the other day, saying “Shishee,” then “Daddeee” and “Mommaa.” He has yet to even attempt Carver’s or Hakan’s names. He definitely knows them, because we quiz him sometimes. “Where’s Carver?” we’ll ask. He points to him immediately and consistently.

Our massive snow piles are now nearly gone, thanks to a couple of days that made it to 40 degrees, and a little bit of rain. It snowed heavily again yesterday for a while to make up for the melting, but today’s temperature is expected to be in the 40s again, so at least it was fun while it lasted.

That’s about all that’s been going on over here. At least, that’s all we care to remember. See you next week!


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