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End of Summer Daze

We are swiftly approaching the end of our summer “break”. I use the term loosely because there has been very little rest in our house for the past several months. We’ve been very busy with this and that, so the time has flown by yet again. This week I will head back to Colorado to spend a few days with my soon-to-be-out-of-the-country-for-two-years younger brother, while simultaneously trying to deny the feelings of guilt I will experience for not working on school things. It should be a nice trip.

We had planned to attend our favorite swimming hole yesterday with my cousins who live in town, sort of as a desperate attempt to squeeze some fun out of our diminishing flexible time. We hopped into the pool and had a grand 15 minutes or so before my cousin approached me with a disturbing observation; He noticed what appeared to be a few human droppings at the bottom of the pool a fair distance from where we had been playing. I investigated and concurred with his findings, and suggested he inform a lifeguard. They evacuated the pool, and we waited for 15-20 minutes before they said they would need to close down the pool for the rest of the day to sanitize. Fortunately, they refunded our money, and I confirmed that our children were not the culprits. 

As if to make sure I did not feel clean after the following shower, Carver hosed me while I was changing his diaper that afternoon. He had not done that in quite some time, so forgive me if I suspected a conspiracy from all children to keep me covered in some amount of human waste. Such is the life of a parent, I suppose. I must remind myself again that this is the life I chose.


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