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Endless Birthday

For a parent who is in complete and total denial about his daughter’s aging, I sure did nothing to discourage three days of festivities this week. On her actual birthday, we were still quite busy with the unpacking, and hadn’t actually done much shopping for her, so we all went to the store and picked out some gifts while also buying some nice curtains for the new place. We had a small little party with our own little family, and Avey was graced throughout the day with phone calls from her growing circle of fans.

We felt bad that we had to move relatively quickly, because we had promised Avey that we could go to an arcade near the Springs, but then moved an hour away. We debated what to do and decided that it would be best to have a celebration the weekend we were going to the concert in Denver. We drove up Saturday morning, took Avey to the arcade where she rode on all sorts of kiddie rides, and that night Kira’s parents graciously watched over her while we went to our concert in Denver.

#Happenings #OnParenthood

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