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Eye, Caramba!

It was the week after spring break for me, and also after the demonic time change. To make matters worse, I had to go to campus every day this week for various meetings. I know I shouldn’t complain, because some people go 8 to 5 every business day all the time, but that’s why I got into cozy academia. In any case, every day this week felt like a Monday. I almost prefer BYU’s approach to not have a spring break and just get out of the semester a week early. 

Monday was an odd day in that Merritt seemed in unbearable pain after waking up after a 20-minute nap. Kira said that he screamed and would not leave her alone until she finally gave him ibuprofen. We wondered if it might be an ear infection, so Kira got him the next earliest appointment possible: Tuesday morning. He needed medicine again to make it through the night, but then awoke seeming fine. 

Tuesday was bizarre also. Kira took Merritt to the doctor that morning to look into his deal, then in the afternoon, she took Carver to a follow-up appointment with the endocrinologist. He had been low in iron some time ago, so we were checking to see how his levels are doing. When I got home from work, Carver was having a hard time staying focused on his meal, so I sat down and tried to encourage him to eat. I teased him with a game where I would kiss his cheeks until he took a bite. I sat him on my lap, and as he squirmed to get away, he slipped off of my lap and landed face first on the table as he fell. He was wearing his glasses, and over his right eye they cut into him just above and through his eyebrow. It bled, but not for long. After a quick assessment, it seemed best to take him in for some extra measures to keep the wound closed. I found an urgent care clinic not too far, and we headed out. There was no wait, fortunately, and we got taken care of quickly. He was not in much pain, but they glued the wound shut and sent us on our way. At least he had a conversation piece for school the rest of the week. 

Thursday, Kira’s college friend, Caroline, stayed the night with us. She drove up from her home so that she could fly to the United Kingdom from O’Hare, and we were happy to have her. The kids were especially happy to have her, as they are always looking for an audience, and she is very attentive to their showing off.

Saturday was finally a break from the chaos. Kira had a long meeting at the church for most of the day, so I wrangled the children. We went to the library for an outing, picked up the new movie, Coco, grabbed some drive-through, and the kids watched while they ate lunch and I did Saturday chores. Kira then joined us for some shopping trips and then went to a baby shower for the rest of the night. 

The kids have one more week of school, and then spring break, so they are excited. I am just counting down the days until summer…


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