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Family Fun

We’ve needed a good family outing for a while, and one of Avey’s most favorite things in the world is to swim. Unfortunately, the pool here at our complex is not heated (no need during the summer), so it is very chilly right now. 

Luckily, Kira heard about an indoor pool with an area for kids Avey’s age. We took some time getting around to it, but finally tried to get there a couple of weeks ago. We planned out our day schedule so that Carver could come in between feedings and naps, got all geared up, drove around downtown El Paso trying to find it, finally arrived, unpacked the car, went up to the front counter, and learned that the chlorine levels were too low, so it was closed. 

It’s hard to remember ever having been so disappointed in our lives. 

We built up the courage to try again yesterday, calling before we left to make sure it was open. If I were to summarize the experience with just three words, I would choose, “BEST DAY EVER!”

Avey had the time of her life! The water temperature was great, and the water level was perfect for her height and comfort level. She probably would have slept there if we’d have let her.

Carver was not as enthusiastic about the place. He watched with curiosity at first, and Kira even made a special trip to the store to get swim diapers so that he could join in the fun, but he mostly clung to us and observed without splashing. We think it may have been the noise that intimidated him.

To look at me, you’d think I was a 5-year-old stuck in a 31-year-old’s body. I was splashing and playing like there was nobody watching. Avey and I had an elaborate game where each splash station was some kind of monster trying to attack us and the other children, so it was up to Avey to find its weakness.

There was even a decent sized water slide there that Avey was too short/scared to try out, but that didn’t keep Kira and me from trying it a dozen times. We think we may have found our new favorite place. Maybe Kira and I will leave the kids at home for Valentine’s Day and go to the kiddie pool!


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