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I got up with my son at 5:04 this morning. At this moment he and I are wrestling for control of the computer’s mouse and keyboard. I am barely holding him at bay while I attempt to churn out a few pitiful sentences to summarize the goings-on of the week. 

Both kids have been coughing like chain smokers, apparently still recovering from a minor cold they inherited from their cousins last week. Luckily for us, they are both in good spirits even with the occasional hacking fit.

Kira completed all of the work she needs to renew her license in Texas this week, and was asked to teach the lesson in Relief Society today. That serves her right for being so awesome.

I took my guitar to campus this week to demonstrate some of the aspects of music perception to my students. I tried it out last summer with this course, and it went over really well, so I did it again this year. When I opened up the ol’ guitar case to tune her up, I realized just how long it had been since I’d played. Not only did the thin metal strings tear into the pampered flesh on my fingertips, but I discovered several little “treasures” hidden in the body of the guitar. Avey had apparently stored a few items there back when we lived in Canon City. After playing a little for my students, I have decided to play for fun more frequently. I picked out a song I’ve wanted to learn for a while, and practicing it a little every day! Once I get my fingertips calloused again, I’ll be on easy street.

Now, nap time.


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